Nonesuch List
August 7, 2005
Artist  Album  Song  Label
1.  Lúnasa    Lúnasa     Colonel Fraser     Self-issued
2.  Moving Cloud     Sweet Nyaa     Bold Donnelly / Donnelly's Reel     Go'
3.  Two Time Polka     The Very Best of ...      No Expectations     Toucan Cove
4.  Chris Titchner     Moving Day     Austin     Bridgefolk
5.  Richard Buckner     Bloomed     Rainsquall     Ryko
6.  Nickel Creek     Why Should the Fire Die?     Tomorrow is a Long Time     Sugar Hill
7.  Chad Crumm     Swimming Hole     Sewertrout     Tritone
8.  Freakwater     Thinking of You     Upside Down     Thrill Jockey
9.  Donna the Buffalo     (the purple one)     Wishing Well     Lavakoo
10.  Sharon Shannon & Friends   Libertango     The Seven Rejoices of Mary     Compass
11.  Old Blind Dogs     Fit?     Ye Kincardine Lads     Green Linnet
12.  Cordelia's Dad     Spine     Spencer Rifle     Appleseed
13.  Fat City String Band    The Original ...     Cowboys Dream     Mudthumper
14.  Swingin' Fiddles     Take Note     Rocking the Babies / Peek a boo Waltz     Shetland Arts Trust
15.  Uncle Earl     She Waits for Night     Walking in my Sleep     Rounder
16.  Old School Freight Train   Run     Mr. Parshif's Jig     Acoustic Disc
17.  June Tabor     Always     Skewball     Topic
18.  Tarbox Ramblers     Tarbox Ramblers     Stewball Rounder

 FOLK FOCUS Chad Crumm
19.  Chad Crumm     Swimming Hole     Starstruck & Brainwashed     Tritone
20.  Chad Crumm     Swimming Hole     Rio     Tritone
21.  The Hix     Sweet Sunny South     Riviera, Riviera     Tritone
22.  The Hix     Sweet Sunny South     Flyin'      Tritone
23.  Chicken Chokers     Shoot Your Radio     Shoot Your Radio     Rounder
24.  Chad Crumm     Swimming Hole     Incarnatus Baby     Tritone

25.  Jennie Stearns     Sing Desire     Sleeping     Blue Corn
26.  Mary Lorson     Tricks for Dawn     Morningless Dreamer     Cooking Vinyl
27.  Ry Cooder     Chavez Ravine     Onda Callejera     Nonesuch
28.  Ry Cooder      Chavez Ravine     Muy Fifi     Nonesuch
29.  Los Pleneros de la 21  Para Todos Ustedes Madame Calalú  Smithsonian Folkways
30.  Keith Secola  Native Americana  Love from Vegas  Akina
31.  Keith Secola  Native Americana  Wild Havalinas  Akina
32.  Bill Hilly Band  All Day Every Day  Moonshiner  Borealis
33.  Red Stick Ramblers  Right Key, Wrong Keyhole  You've Got the Right Key, But the Wrong Keyhole  Memphis Int'l.
34.  Red Stick Ramblers  Right Key, Wrong Keyhole Sweet & Slow  Memphis Int'l.
35.  Asylum Street Spankers  Mercurial  Digga Digga Doo  Spanks-a-lot
36.  Laura Cortese  Hush  I Must Away Love  JAR
37.  Groovemongers  Smooth Sailing  Tsizikpolkka / Bärentanz  Red Woolies
38.  Jim Malcolm  Live at Glenfarg  Battle of Waterloo  Beltane
39.  The Wilders  On the Wings of a Dove  Old Time Religion  Rural Grit
40.  Abigail Washburn  Song of the Traveling Daughter  Red & Blazing  Nettwerk
41.  Richie Stearns  Solo  Get Around Behind Me  Self-issued
42.  Trevor MacDonald  Porch Light  Dear Darlin'  I Town
43.  Mark McKay  Shimmer  Memory Hotel  Toadfish

44.  Chris Titchner  Moving Day  Burlington  Bridgefolk
45.  <Interview w/ Chris Titchner Live performance>
46.  Chris Titchner  Moving Day  Moving Day  Bridgefolk